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Congratulations to Kasey Wentzel for being accepted to play at The University of Rio Grande!

Congratulations Bailey Moore for being accepted to Cedarville University!

Congratulations Missy Lee on being accepted to Wittenberg University!

Congratulations Riley Nelson on being accepted to Capital University!


Congratulations 2014 Inferno “Best of the Best Showcase” Champions!



Congrats to Jenna VanHoose – She has verbally commited to play for the Urbana Blue Knights!

Central Ohio Softball

Bringing you the best in Cental Ohio Softball – We are the Inferno.


The Heart of Ohio organization and the Inferno sports a rich tradition of commitment, resilience, and sportsmanship.

Where We Started

The Inferno was formally organized in 2006 right here in Central Ohio.


Welcome to the Heart of Ohio Inferno Website! We are happy to have you visit us.

Stay Up To Date

Keep up to date with us! We will post where we place in each tournament – make sure to check back to stay up to date with the Inferno!


In a given year we play approximately 70-80 games and proudly sport better than 70% winning percentage. Although we play most of our games in OHIO, we have participated in competitive tournaments in IN, MI, KY, TN, and SC. While we usually post 2-3 tournament wins during the season, better than 75% of our tournaments result in top 4 finish.

Most importantly, you will find our ladies to be genuine and caring individuals. They work very hard on the game but they work even harder in their schools. Every player has strong ambitions to excel in their respective schools and look forward to a future of higher education. For some, that will include playing ball at collegiate levels.


The Heart of Ohio organization and the Inferno sports a rich tradition of commitment, resilience, and sportsmanship. The ladies of Inferno are…


1Committed to learning the game, to their teammates and the team, and winning.


2Resilient in that they will weather thru the ups and downs of a long season year after year and continually want to play more.


3Demonstrate their sportsmanship thru winning with humility and losing with honor.

Word Hard

4Willing to work hard and give 120% effort at all times.

is what we ask our athletes give in practice and in battle. Thats how we roll!

We hope you enjoy your visit to our Website and meeting the Inferno ladies.

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